The Summer Playlist 2018

I dream that I have found us both again,

With spring so many strangers’ lives away,

And we, so free,

Out walking by the sea,
With someone else’s paper words to say….

They took us at the gates of green return,
Too lost by then to stop, and ask them why-

Do children meet again?
Does any trace remain,
Along the superhighways of July?

Thomas Pynchon [Gravity’s Rainbow]-


Rosy Matcha Fizz

I forgot I made tea. I lost track of it.

(I dried all of the ingredients)

lemon, mint, rose

and it sat on the counter, unnoticed. For months.

Between rolls of the dice, I turned and recalled, “I’ve made my own tea before, you know.”

[splatter of numbers on the table] + he claps long-thumbed hands together, looks up. Oh yeah?

mmmhmm Yes! right.

(r e m e m b e r ing)

Blood Orange Cake


blushing blooming blossoming

blinking [eyes open] / hear that squish

magenta juice, coral flesh

making fragrant +

t u r n i n g pink

in some wayshapeform (or cake)

Chocolate Creme Fraiche Cake

Be velvet.

Be so


that anything other than love and kind and admiration just turns to space

[see: a bulbous spider consumes the trapped within its fibers
in an episode of This Is The Other Side]

Be sodamnfull

it transforms the rest to either nothingness,

or smooth sweet cloud cream fluff atop sugar and butter and flour all

for you.

Cacio e Pepe Polenta

What if we wonder, Does it come easily?

and not in the way that inaction might, or giving up, or remaining uninvolved

[because all of those may be the more complicated option at some point, depending on the circumstances]


does it come easily?

as in,

Does it come out of you like breath, returning round the bend of an inhale? as in,

Does it come out of you naturally, as if you weren’t made for anything other than what you’re expressing? as in,

Does it envelop you wholly, enrapture you, lift your toes from the ground when it calls? And,

is it worth it
not to seek it
now that you know how to identify it
when it comes

Confetti Cakelets

Every once in a while, the faded parts resurface, and there is love.

Right ankle crossed over the left, big toe balanced and slanting. Upright. Leaning. This is how we say goodbye.

I have heard that we are all just bits and bobs held together by what we believe. That we can change, because

we are no different than that which seems different around us


How do we rewrite the parts that made us burst?

[It feels like I have been doing this for years.]

And maybe it is in the knowing, the not having to wonder, the ability to distinguish now

when perhaps you would not have done before, and surely you once were blind

(to the little flecks of color in the batter).

*Oops* Peanut Butter-Swirl Brownies

My bad.

Well, actually. How about a lesson in: Accountability. see/do:

Oops! I made peanut butter batter to swirl into the brownies. Fuck, I really didn’t mean to make them richer and more delicious.

God, I was even planning to eat healthfully today. What a knucklehead I am for doing this thing

that I openly admit to doing and am not putting on anybody else whatsoever, because I did it, and it was me, even if there were other options at the time

And I won’t attack anybody else over this thing I am responsible for, because

I am able to admit to putting peanut butter in the brownies.

(And it was delicious.)