The Summer Playlist 2014

Ahhhh, summer. The best time of year. Heat, humidity, pools, grills, sunshine, the scent of freshly mown lawns. But I know what you’re thinking: I am late.

Summer solstice was days ago-as was my birthday-and both came and passed us by, and I didn’t even give the slightest acknowledgment. It’s been a busy week or so! I am now settled into my mother’s house in southern Florida, on the path to becoming a yogi, working at a beyond busy, all new coffee shop! Yikes! So much change, most of it temporary.

Right now, I am learning about non-attachment in my yogic studies. From what I have grasped, this can refer to taking on a more objective look at whatever we think, observe, feel, encounter, etc. Rather than assigning meaning and fault and hope and disappointment, we can remain unchanged by the goings-on in the world, all the while putting forth good karma (meaning “actions”). Happiness comes from within, and there can’t be a point to letting it waver. We don’t all do this very well, do we?

Thankfully, there is delicious music. Here is my summer playlist, welcoming a new season, a new perspective, and a new approach to life. Cheers to sunshine!

Also, here is a picture of Arthur in his fort:
Arthur's Fort

The Summer Playlist:
Found here

Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem
Snap Out of It – Arctic Monkeys
Time in a Bottle – Jim Croce (because X-Men was great)
Tropicalia – Beck
Summertime – The Head and the Heart
No One Like You – Best Coast
Hold On – Alabama Shakes
The Tower – Wye Oak
Find My Love – The Avett Brothers
Season of the Shark – Yo La Tengo
Go Outside – Cults
Sweet Spot – Wild Beasts
Swim – Surfer Blood
Ambling Alp – Yeasayer
Wolf Like Me – TV on the Radio

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