The Autumn Playlist 2014

Autumn Leaves in Seattle
Many people know me, but few of them know just how nostalgic I can get. I don’t really consider it an affliction, though I do recognize that it kind of is. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the present moment. I promise I try. It’s just that, sometimes things look better in their golden, glowing past version rather than when you experience them because in your memory, you can isolate them from everything else. This is true for me, at least.

In honor of all the memories I have flooding my mind these days, I have formulated my seasonal playlist to incorporate only songs I have heard recently, by coincidence. That is, I may have been out somewhere or with someone or doing something when one of these songs happened to occur around me. So you know what that means: I will getting all nostalgic as I listen to it.

Wishing you all the brightest, most golden memories this fall.

Also, here is a riddle I encountered a couple weeks ago at Sun Street Breads:

Answer: SILENCE!

The Autumn Playlist
Found here

I Melt with You – Modern English
Style – Taylor Swift
I’ll Believe in Anything – Wolf Parade
Golden Slumbers – The Beatles
I’ll Be Seeing You – Billie Holiday
Wolf at the Door – Radiohead
Just Like a Prayer – Madonna
Stronger – Kanye West
Could I Be – Sylvan Esso
Martha – Tom Waits
The Boy with the Arab Strap – Belle and Sebastian
Down in the Valley – The Head and the Heart
Controversy – Prince
My Darling Clementine – Pete Doherty

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