Smoothie Bowls, For Sharing

Smoothie Bowls
Please bear in mind as I write this that the cutesie idea I have for shared smoothie bowls (just in time for Valentine’s Day, naturally) did not spawn from any romantic gestures on my part. I’m afraid that, between Daniel and I, I feel more like I am the lucky one. See, Dan is the kind of fellow who, after a long day of work, hears about my own long day at work (which preceded a challenging-but rewarding-practice of Ashtanga’s Primary Series) and disappears to buy me more of my favorite beverage, which I was out of and did not yet have time to replenish. On the other hand, I am the kind of person who makes enough food for two people, but then puts all of it in one bowl and consumes every last bite of it. Case in point: this recipe.

Tinged by the indigo color of blueberries, the smoothie base is a mixture of tart, sweet textures. But there’s a certain type of artistry that accompanies a love for food, and against the purple backdrop we’ve created, we dollop fresh berries and banana slices, followed by a delicate sprinkling of coconut shavings, pepitas, and honey. Really, you could add anything, but this, right here, is how I like to consume a smoothie bowl.

I won’t lie, though–it took a lot of practice to get it right. Learning you need frozen berries for the perfect consistency, adding a splash of orange juice for tang, choosing coconut shavings over flakes for a lighter crunch…and finally, realizing-after many mornings spent overcoming what I’ve now coined “smoothie belly”-that, all along, the recipe was meant for two.

One Year: Cherry Almond Granola
Two Years: Lavender Brownie Bites

Smoothie Bowls
Serves 2
3/4 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 of a banana
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
1/4 tsp high quality matcha powder

banana slices, fresh berries, coconut shavings, pepitas, honey

Combine blueberries, almond milk, orange juice, greek yogurt, matcha, and banana in blender and blend until smooth, stopping to stir in between as necessary. Divide the smoothie between two bowls and top with banana slices, berries, coconut, pepitas, and honey, as desired.



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