Cherry Almond Date Smoothie

Cherry Almond Date Smoothie
I once had a professor tell me that everyone’s lives are governed by the Law of Least Effort. It’s an interesting thought, really; basically, he explained, we are all most inclined to do the things that seem to deplete us of the least of our resources. In many cases, this means we take the easy way out. And how awesome would it be if everything came easily to us? It’s such a shame that things range in difficulty.

The issue, though, is that we get into these ruts sometimes, in which the easiest choice is not necessarily the best one for us. Translation: the Law of Least Effort just complicated things. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how this relates to habits. Bad ones. The kind of habits formed by years of overuse. The kind that wreak havoc on everything that surround them. The kind that we might want to think about breaking.

I guess this topic reached its head for me when I had a few too many rough interactions within a week. Each suggested that the person I was talking to felt unhappy in some shape or form, whether from judging harshly, digging up the past, gossiping, or plain old pessimism. Really, the list goes on, but I will stop there. In each case, though, I noticed just how much control the person had over the things they were focused on. It was astonishing to me that so many people choose to observe and interact with the world on negative terms, and I started to realize that maybe I might just have my…stuff…together?

All of this has nothing to do with smoothies, I realize. I have no way to tie it in, really, either. Mostly, the only thing that this recipe and what I’m writing about have in common is the fact that they kind of occurred to me at the same time. Go figure. I came home one afternoon after days of observing this idea of unhappiness as a habit, and I broke out my blender. Perhaps it was an urge-after so much time spent acting as a sounding board for discontent-to obliterate things: frozen cherries, creamy banana, sweet dates, rich almond butter, and delicate coconut milk. It only reinforced that I seem to be making happy habits for myself.

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Cherry Almond Date Smoothie
Adapted from here
1 cup frozen, pitted cherries
1 frozen, peeled banana
2 dates, pitted and chopped
1 tbsp almond butter
1/4 cup canned light coconut milk (plus more, if necessary, for consistency)

Combine cherries, banana, dates, almond butter, and coconut milk in blender and liquify until smooth. Add more coconut milk by the tablespoonful, if necessary, to thin the mixture to desired consistency. Serve immediately.



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