The Winter Playlist 2015

Van Gogh // Queen Smithereen
Man, the things that happen to us. I’m sorry, how is it suddenly the middle of December? It has been a strange, winding, whirlwind sequence of events. The kind that has made me feel like Hannah on Girls, eating bread I have done stuff to and collecting weird stories, like adventurous women DO.

And it’s funny, because at some point, when I wasn’t paying attention, I think I kind of grew up.
Sun Street Toast // Queen Smithereen
It wasn’t until I traveled across the country to spend time with my best friends for a day and a half that I realized what had happened. And even then, I didn’t believe it when I was told that it was so. As far as I could tell, I had just mustered a little extra fierceness, creativity, and resiliency, all the while fostering my penchant for Pugstagram (see below, acquired from the ever-exclusive pugloversclub).
Pfft, I thought. Whatever. But then something happened that set confetti a-flight about my body. Life threw me a curveball…and I handled it differently than usual, in a way that more accurately honored what I want, need, think, and feel. And then, when I encountered a similar situation, I pressed repeat on this newfound skill.

But really. Do you know how badly I’ve always wanted to be that kind of person to myself? My whole life. As in, forever. As in, Merry Christmas to me, from me. TWICE. And I get the sense that I don’t intend to stop.

And so, I have for you this playlist that sprouted over the last few months of growth. I am wishing you all a season full of love and things that make you happy, because anything less belongs in the dust billowing out behind you.

The Winter Playlist 2015
Found here

I Don’t Think of You Anymore, but I Don’t think of You Any Less – Hungry Ghosts
Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush
Don’t Wanna Fight – Alabama Shakes
Youth – Daughter
Linus & Lucy – Vince Guaraldi Trio
To Be With You – The Honey Trees
Sedona – Houndmouth
Return to the Moon – El Vy
Last Christmas – Wham!
Put a Flower in Your Pocket – The Arcs
Lover Come Back – City and Colour
Go Down South – Hippo Campus
Little Saint Nick – The Beach Boys
Sapokanikan – Joanna Newsom
Midway – Bad Bad Hats
She’s Not Me – Jenny Lewis
Leather Jacket – Thunderbitch
Jaime’s Song – Sylvan Esso
Oblivion – Grimes
Red – Lost in the Trees
Happy Xmas (War is Over) – John Lennon and Yoko Ono

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