The Spring Playlist 2016

Nashville, TN // Queen Smithereen.
So, I realized a lot has happened since my last playlist was shared with you.

For starters, the Kelsey who last provided you with a list of songs she likes had never been to Nashville. That has since been rectified. And goodness, what a lovely, lovely city (pictured above, the Frist Center of Visual Arts). As I drove out of Tennessee, a kind man with a horse, buggy, and bale of hay tipped his hat in my direction. Once I landed in Minneapolis, I promptly stood on my head, pictured here:
Sirsasana B // Queen Smithereen.
And I don’t know if you all will believe me when I share this with you this time, especially considering I’m in a place I’ve been before, but I intend to stay here a while. Perhaps not inverted one hundred percent of the time, of course.

Getting back here has been an exciting, interesting adventure, punctuated with personalities I would otherwise never have met. Like dearest Wendy, pictured below, who has since passed, but who was, and always will be, very dearly loved.
Wendy // Queen Smithereen.
Sometimes good things and humans and pets are fleeting, and it’s important to respect the time with them that you were given. And in their wake, you might end up reunited with those you didn’t expect to meet again.
Long John Wendy // Queen Smithereen.
See also: that time Brandon struggled to find reasons our jackets were not identical.
Levis // Queen Smithereen.
By the way, they are the SAME. But valuable lesson number 348 states, “When in doubt, make quesadillas.”
When in doubt, make quesadillas // Queen Smithereen.
Or eat cake with your studly friends who are getting married in August.
Jordan / Christian / Kelsey // Queen Smithereen.
Or listen to good music. Or something. Rules are rules (even if they’re kind of unclear and poorly delegated [sorrynotsorry]).

The Spring Playlist 2016
Found here

Can You Tell – Ra Ra Riot
The General Specific – Band of Horses
Unhappy Birthday – The Smiths
Find My Love – The Avett Brothers
Blood – The Middle East
I’m a Ruin – Marina and the Diamonds
Intervention – Arcade Fire
Welcome Home – Radical Face
Swim – Surfer Blood
No One Like You – Best Coast
I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love with You – Tom Waits
On and On and On – Wilco
Rome – Yeasayer
Young Americans – David Bowie
Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Billie Holiday
Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
I Know Places – Ryan Adams
The Night We Met – Lord Huron
Hollow Bedroom – Waxahatchee
Wait for Love – Tweedy
Marathon – Tennis
Let’s Go Extinct – Fanfarlo
Time, as a Symptom – Joanna Newsom


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  1. arfurinthemorning

    Great playlist. I just put the songs together and listened to them. They went together well. Some of it was slightly fall-like, but it could just be my relationship with that particular song. Welcome BACK Kelsey. We are so lucky to have you in Minnesota. you are home.

    Liked by 1 person

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