The Autumn Playlist 2016

Flower // Queen Smithereen.
Something to remember: delicacy is not equivalent to frailty. Down the steps and through a patch of trees by the river, there is a secret garden in Minneapolis that somebody tends to. Whoever does this: thank you for actively putting more beauty into the world that I can incidentally encounter.

Since the last playlist we shared, I turned 27 and celebrated the occasion with this awesome pug, Stella, in Chicago.
Stella // Queen Smithereen.
I also turned cherries into my very first pie recipe.
Cherry Lattice Pie with Tahini Cardamom Crust // Queen Smithereen.
I saw one of my favorite people on the face of the planet.
Chrissy and Kelsey // Queen Smithereen.
I also visited my grandmother, my heart, my home. Though she doesn’t remember me, she trusts me enough to hold my hands. We walked to lunch together and when she sat down she told me how beautiful she finds my hair. Seeing her happy, regardless of her state of recognition, brings light to me.
Grandma's Hands, My Hands // Queen Smithereen.
Below, here are some other important women in my life. We live in different cities, in different states, in different countries, and on different continents.
Family // Queen Smithereen.
This is at the home of a portion of my family with whom I hadn’t communicated in half my life. It was at this table that I finally realized how much they cared for me, even if it was from afar. They had kept tabs on how I was doing, and welcomed me back with open arms.

To anyone willing to overcome: Thank you. We all need love in our lives, and sometimes the key is to do so unconditionally.

With a warm heart, I returned to my city, where this best day yet was waiting for me:
K.C. Graceface // Queen Smithereen.
It was here, cackling with my best friend, that I realized just how right Rumi was when he said:

If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.

The Autumn Playlist 2016
Found here

Waves – Bahamas
Ethio Invention no. 1 – Andrew Bird
Lazuli – Beach House
I’m Yours – Billie Holiday
Twin Peaks – Surfer Blood
Walrus – D.D Dumbo
Everything I Am Is Yours – Villagers
Pinebender – Made of Oak
Arabella – Mountain Man
Ones Who Love You – Alvvays
Why Did I Leave You Behind – Avid Dancer
I Belong In Your Arms – Chairlift
Paul is Alive – El Vy
Where The Skies Are Blue – The Lumineers
The Moon Was Red and Dangerous – Gregory Alan Isakov

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