The Winter Playlist 2016

Legitimately Happy // Queen Smithereen.
The last few weeks, I have been asking people to tell me what their favorite Christmas songs are. It can be kind of interesting to hear about, actually.

Whether or not I ever tell those I’ve interrogated, I am always, always categorizing their responses. I find the people I get along with best respond with either a song I strongly dislike (All I Want For Christmas Is You) or a song I absolutely adore (Marshmallow World). Truth be told: I can likely carry on some type of conversation with pretty much anyone, so OF COURSE, there are those in-between.

My response, you ask? Silver and Gold. Sometimes, when I hear that song, and it gets to the whole “…means so much more when I see silver and gold decorations on every Christmas tree…” part, I get to thinking about the people in my life who similarly gild my life.

This one gave me my cackle, and she encounters me at my worst sometimes so that I can be my best at others [thank you].
Mama // Queen Smithereen.
This one makes my heart sparkle (and is the most beautiful person in the world and I wouldn’t be where I am without her and I can’t stop telling everyone how amazing she is because she is AMAZING).
Bubble Gum Drop // Queen Smithereen.
This one keeps in touch with me from another side of the world.
Miss Thang // Queen Smithereen.
This one has helped me in ways I cannot even explain, and he can sum up just about any movie he likes with one of two word options: hope / fate.
Dspan // Queen Smithereen.
This one became my friend when we talked about The Smiths almost a decade ago, and he is still the only person to ever get all my references (NOTE: Just DAYS before this very post published, a reference was missed, and I told him that I wrote this, and we laughed pretty hard about it.).
J. Michael Bolton // Queen Smithereen.
This one takes beautiful photographs (and handles my photobombs with class).
B. Mathias // Queen Smithereen.
This one explains it all.
Papaya Smile // Queen Smithereen.
This one is a kindred spirit, and I feel lucky that we have put that time I hip checked him out of the way (and took the last mango popsicle) behind us.
oo de lally // Queen Smithereen.
I enjoy the presence of all of these silver and gold PEOPLE from this beautiful place I call home. [I am the luckiest.]

Here is a mixture of songs to fit the season: some classical, some electronic, some seasonal, some acoustic, some full of favorite memories with favorite people (like the ones I mentioned above).

The Winter Playlist 2016
Listen Here

Andante – Michael Dulin
What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? – Ella Fitzgerald
The Twistable, Turnable Man Returns – Andrew Bird
Everybody Wants to Love you – Japanese Breakfast
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Darlene Love
Simply Satie – Michael Dulin
In My Mind – Amanda Palmer
Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley
Kick Jump Twist – Sylvan Esso
Freshly Laundered Linen – Boom Forest (ft. Phox)
Sleigh Ride – The Rosettes
Papaya – Tenniscoats
How Loud Your Heart Gets – Lucius
Lost Dreamers – Mutual Benefit
Silver and Gold – Burl Ives
Prelude in D Flat Major (“Raindrop”), Op.28, No.15 – Chopin

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