The Summer Playlist 2017

Notes on trying to filter:

The stuff you didn’t expect might be what is floating on top. Think: pasteurizing milk. There might be more waiting.

You might notice you come across lighter sometimes. Again. You might enjoy being alone. Again.

/ wandering off in the museum / down the street as the sun sets / playlists playing / you find a monument you know was destroyed in a war and put back together here / trace the slashes where it pieced back together / probably meaningful / early mornings spent with the inhabitants of trees / bus exhaust poofs / sleepier because you were painting at night /

You might be totally fine. With yourself. Great, even. Then, you get locked in a parking garage someplace and it is late with no one answering phones.

You might realize you are human again in that moment. Being alone kind of sucked right then.

Remember, you have new acquaintances and old ones. The kind that order an extra plate of hummus without the crispy chickpeas, because they know that those would kill you.

Other notes on plucking heartstrings: bright florals, watermelon dresses, popsicle stick jokes shared next door to the business you manage, <—that last part of that sentence, tres leches, upcoming birthdays, making new + releasing old.

Not so bad. Go listen to Outside with the Cuties.

The Summer Playlist 2017
Found here

Outside with the Cuties – Frankie Cosmos
Paul – Big Thief
In a Black Out – Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
Walden Pond – Atta Boy
TenTwentyTen – Generationals
I Give You Power – Arcade Fire, Mavis Staples
Day Glo – Brazos
Doo Wop (That Thing) – Ms. Lauryn Hill
Juniper – Y La Bamba
Fools Rush In – Peggy Sue
The World Laughs – She-Devils
Billie Holiday – Warpaint
A King and a Queen – Okkervil River
A Waltz For a Night – Julie Delpy
The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness – The National
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye – Bettye Swann

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