Rosy Matcha Fizz

One Year: Lemon, Mint, and Rose Tea Blend
Two Years: Chipotle Mac and Cheese
Three Years: NYT Mac and Cheese
Four Years: Big Crumb Coffee Cake
Five Years: Red Curry Chicken Soup with Sweet Potatoes and Corn

Rosy Matcha Fizz
Serves 1

6 tsp Lemon, Mint, and Rose Tea
1 tsp unsweetened matcha powder
6 oz hot water (specifically, 175 degrees Fahrenheit, so as not to burn the matcha)
1 tbsp honey
6 oz Apricot- or Mango-flavored La Croix sparkling water

Place Lemon, Mint, and Rose Tea in a tea maker and set aside. Sift matcha into a small bowl. In a liquid measuring cup pour 6oz hot water over honey, stirring to dissolve. Pour over matcha, using a bamboo whisk to whisk vigorously until frothy (think of making the letters “M” and “W” again and again). Pour matcha over Lemon, Mint, and Rose Tea and cover, allowing to steep for five minutes. Meanwhile, fill a 16-oz shaker with ice to the top. Once the tea has steeped, strain and pour over the ice. Shake. Strain the tea into a glass. Top with sparkling water. Enjoy.

Note: this recipe can easily be doubled to use up the entirety of one 12-oz can of sparkling water. Or, you can drink the rest of the sparkling water, like I like to do. Meow.

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