The Spring Playlist 2019

At the start of the New Year,

I showed up for my first-ever 108 Sun Salutations.

Before we began, we were given little cards to write down one word that could be our intention.

I wrote the word “blooming.”

I don’t know that I realized it then, but I see it now: the process, the mayneverquitegetthere, but the getting there.

And there’s the risk, always, ever looming, that you might just fuck it up (without intending).

So now, I am learning. Learning to like it and to take note when those around me do not feel comfortable at the thought that you do not have to be attached to the end, but the process

of trying and maybe failing [or not producing what you thought you would].

And I am telling you it doesn’t matter because all of it is little buds and suggestions of greenery in the ground on the way to what is next.

The Spring Playlist 2019
Found here

The Duke Spirit – The Step And The Walk
Woodes – Change My Mind
Bjöllukór Tónlistarskóli Reykjanesbæjar – Hoppípolla
Alvvays – Not My Baby
Oh Pep! – Doctor Doctor
St. Vincent – Masseduction
Maggie Rogers – Light On
Rilo Kiley – Breakin’ Up
Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel
Rosemary & Garlic – Birds
Mitski – Nobody
EXES – Cain
Duke Ellington – The Single Petal Of A Rose

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