The Autumn Playlist 2019

And just like that, another season has passed.

Mine was full of change. [And that even extended here (lol rip all of my written posts).] Strange, how some of the change just happens, and some of it occurs in the doing.

Something I did:

I listened to the whisper I had had in my ear for SEVEN YEARS. And then, I acted on it.

Again, I didn’t really consider what it would look like, if it happened. I just felt I should, so I did.

And oddly, I have to say that

I stand by it.

You just never know how things might turn out. But here is a piece of advice: if you feel like there is something itching beneath the surface for you to at least take a peek, then by all means. And if, after looking, you decide to take a step, then take a step.

You don’t always have to know why you sense you ought to do something. Beyond that, it doesn’t have to look anything like anyone suspected, if you do. And, you don’t have to do it right now, because it will wait.

But, I am more than sure that somebody somewhere has read this now and considered peeking at the inkling of a marvelous idea that could lead to a step and, eventually, a change-big or small-and if you are that person, then I just want it to be documented that I have been believing all along.

The Autumn Playlist 2019
Found here

Zou Bisou Bisou – Jessica Pare
Lover – Taylor Swift
Homecoming Queen – Thelma Plum
Faith – Bon Iver
It’s Been a Long, Long Time – Harry James
Marigolds – Kishi Bashi
Wild Things – Alessia Cara
Broken Blood Vessels – Maple & Beech
Redwood Tree – Jamie Drake
Someday – Julia Jacklin
Naeem – Bon Iver

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