Thank You.

carb based // Queen Smithereen.

Hi friends,

I have some news for you. Whew, there isn’t an easy way to say this:

With great thought and consideration, I have come to the decision to take this site down. I quietly started a side project that spoke more to what I wanted to create all along. It has been a very slow process, but I have been wanting to make this change for so long, and I am so happy that I finally stopped and listened to the teeny tiny voice that was telling me to do that.

My new project DOES involve most of the recipes you have encountered here. [I have slowly been transferring everything over, and I will continue to do so in the coming months.] But, beyond that, it speaks to all of me. There are a lot of you who follow, and only some of you have actually met me, so let me just clarify what I mean here:

I am eccentric. It is my favorite part of my personality. The reference to smithereens was meant to represent the many facets that comprise the ME that you encounter. But, I have found that it gets lost in translation here. I also dislike the subconscious metaphor I may have set in motion; although smithereens can be bits and bobs and morsels, so, too, can they be something blown up.

Where I have shared recipes here alongside anecdotes and life ponderings and yoga experiences and playlists, I have found there is a similar loss in translation. So, I created something new. Something that is simply meant to be a resource for all the highest and purest of intentions in life: soul-sourced meditation ideas and visualizations; explorations of sensuality and sacred femininity; recipes categorized intuitively to indulge or nourish or quench; explanations for all the stuff your yoga teachers state in class that you would never understand without some sort of guidance; moon cycles; crystals; creative inspiration; writing and visual creativity prompts; essential self-care rituals and practices; ways to strengthen your intuition; suggestions to invite more wellness, abundance, satisfaction, joy, creativity, and wholeness into your life. These are all the things that I have cultivated for myself in response to my chronic illness, my mental health, and my intuitive calling, but which I have hidden like a weasel from the whole damn world to protect myself.

As much as I would like to simply refer you to my new project, I have checked in with Me over the last couple of months, and I have chosen to recognize and honor that I do not feel comfortable sharing it publicly with you all. The truth is, a lot of people have used QS inappropriately. Part of me wants to be more open about this, but I do not wish to give attention where a reward is not deserved. The fact is: I cannot create a safe space in the world without guarding the fortress.

SO, if you would like to follow my new pursuit, you may contact me via e-mail at, and I will (most likely) tell you how to find me.

Before I depart, I do have one ask. I originally wrote this goodbye several weeks ago, but I waited to share, out of respect for recent current events. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, and the riots and protests that have rightfully erupted around the world, we have been witnessing some very powerful, albeit long overdue, social change. I ask that you all take some time to examine your own privilege, and also contribute by donating, learning, unlearning, and taking ownership. Here is a useful resource (but, there are MANY). Silence is violence--we need to be checking our own internalized beliefs, and using our privilege to approach those who are not behaving appropriately. You likely have not done everything perfectly in the past. I certainly haven’t. We need to make this world a better place. Throughout history, we have all been remiss. Change should have happened long ago. Now is the time to show UP to amplify the voices of those who have been marginalized in our society.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all for following me over the last number of years. This website has been my constant through many big, beautiful bursts of growth (and the associated awkwardness that comes along with taking up the amount of SPACE you take up when you get bigger and bigger and bigger). When many of you hit follow, you were voting confidence in me. That means the world. Thank you.

I sincerely love you all so much. Even if.