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[Celebratory] Depression Cake

Well, well, well. Five years looks good on us. Someone proposed to me recently that maybe our bodies remember the things we have encountered. In terms of this website (and the memories I have stored), my body thinks of: Apple-Asian Pear Pie with White Cheddar Crust and Bacon Streusel, Zucchini Pizza with Lemon and Chives,…


Coffee-Cardamom Layer Cake with Sweetened Condensed Milk Frosting

Take a minute, and think about all of the times that we eat cake. We commemorate birthdays, holidays, and graduations with candles and confections. We recognize the achievements of those we love with layers of pastry and frosting. We gather around sweet rounds to remember the lives of those we have lost. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we…


Anniversary Banana Almond Butter Cake

Three years ago today we shared a first together. I snapped some appallingly bad photos of these delicious scones I made-which I recently took some time to take again-and I just couldn’t wait a moment longer to make food and write about it. For some reason, some of you decided to follow me. Thank you…