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Coffee Blondies

I want the quiet, that slow drip through wet paper. Grounds. The kind of exhale that makes a soft, little noise. It just doesn’t matter very much, really. Sugar and butter make caramel on the stovetop, fragranced with soft drops: tablespoons of lukewarm coffee. You won’t totally notice, really. But it’s there. Pecans and mini…


S’mores Squares

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the Art Institute of Chicago once more. It’s a favorite spot, and a couple weeks ago, two of my favorite people and I road tripped to that wonderful, little city and that wonderful, art-filled museum in honor of a certain somebody’s 27th birthday (hint: ME! MEMEMEMEME!). There were…


Gingery Cranberry and White Chocolate Bars

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what we as individuals project out into the world. How interesting is it to observe how the things we think we might exemplify differ from the things we actually exemplify? And sometimes, it’s more devastating than interesting, if we’re all being honest. See, I would love to seem…