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Coffee Coffee Cake

When I saw his name, I thought to myself, What if he’s my next person. My next thought was, Don’t be silly. Then, Don’t not be silly. Setting his order down before his arrival, I recognized he could be any number of unfitting things, really. It was my first day at my new store since…

Chocolate Fudge Cake

*tw for discussion of depression, suicide I have not really talked about this before, but a number of years ago, I took a road trip. I drove to the house where my father died and I stood outside of it for a long time. I had inherited that house when I was a kid, and…

Chocolate Beet Snack Cake

Something is bubbling, somewhere. Hot steam above purple water. Making fuchsia goop. It melts into chocolate, which turns to batter. Then, it’s cake. Somewhere, -between beets and a creme fraiche cloak- it becomes. bakerbakingbeet cakebeetscakechocolatedeliciousdessertfoodfoodieMinneapolisreciperoot vegetablessnack cakesweetsvegetarianyum

Blood Orange Cake

currently: blushing blooming blossoming blinking [eyes open] / hear that squish magenta juice, coral flesh making fragrant + t u r n i n g pink in some wayshapeform (or cake) bakerbakingblood orangeblood orange cakecakedeliciousfoodfoodielet them eat cakeMinneapolisomnomnomrecipesummerwritingyum

Chocolate Creme Fraiche Cake

Be velvet. Be so softsorichsolush that anything other than love and kind and admiration just turns to space [see: a bulbous spider consumes the trapped within its fibers in an episode of This Is The Other Side] Be sodamnfull it transforms the rest to either nothingness, or smooth sweet cloud cream fluff atop sugar and…