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Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Chocolate Chip Cookies

Can we ever really just walk into a room, or? I think that we forget sometimes to be receptive. I wonder what it must be like to arrive someplace and observe what arises. And sit with it. Instead, we greet it with all the things we carried along. No wonder things blow up in our…


Candy Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Perhaps there are so many people who get excited for Halloween because it’s a chance to try on something that normally doesn’t fit. We dress up like the things we are not, we crowd the streets with our bodies instead of our cars, and we parade around neighborhoods and parties asserting to the ones we…


Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes I think my generation is weird. Especially when I see those lists circulating various social media that summarize the things I probably encountered as a child growing up in the 90s. Honestly, the number of foods I consumed that were packaged in tube form is rather astounding, including (but not limited to): yogurt, applesauce,…