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Lemon, Mint, and Rose Tea Blend

How to try and mend a heart. Take a road trip. See new faces. Relocate, as many times as you have to. Read. Don’t read. Lose concentration. Let someone think whatever they want without trying to resolve it. Let that ruin other opinions because it wasn’t your poison, anyway. Practice yoga. Stop practicing yoga. Practice…


Banana Berry Lavender Smoothie

I have a sneaking suspicion that I might be a calamity. Like, big time. There have been times when I’ve blamed it on something external, when I’ve even gone so far as to coin a term (which I will not share here) for the times when things have just blown up in my face in…


Lavender Brownie Bites

It’s that time of year again, when everywhere I go things are pink, red, heart-shaped, and covered in chocolate, and it seems once more I should gift my sweetheart with a present or a poem or something swoon-worthy. He definitely deserves it, but overall, I find Valentine’s Day to be somewhat silly. In fact, I almost didn’t…