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Creamy Roasted Carrot and Red Pepper Soup [vegan, gf]

Just remember that the things you put into your head are there forever, he said. You might want to think about that. You forget some things, don’t you? Yes. You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget. (the road) Advertisements carrotscomfort foodcookingdeliciousfoodfoodiegluten freehealthyMinneapolisProducereciperoasted red pepperSoupveganvegetableswinterwriting

Roasted Cherry and Red Pepper Salsa

My dad would have been 69 today. Who knows if he would have made it this far? There is always something. You know, you start to watch the way the light hits things differently over the course of a period of time. That might be the most prominent thing in my experience of this blog.…