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Colorful Kapusniak (Or, Polish Bacon, Blue Potato, and Red Cabbage Soup)

I understand now. This does not make it acceptable or okay. But. I do understand. This is to say that I have realized we collide. And it can be so difficult to predict the various directions we refract from there, it seems. Just think of all the places we have been, and how no one…


Smashed Chickpea Guajillo Stew

There are a lot of things that have happened lately, aren’t there? There are. Too many. It’s surprising. It’s ridiculous. And all I can think about is how lotus flowers grow from mud; and how, sometimes things get worse before they get better; and how, in order to locate a problem, the problem first has…


Chicken, Kale, and White Bean Stew

This soup is a story of giving up. Because sometimes, you just have to. Like that time I thought I would turn butternut squash into a dessert (i.e., right around the time this soup came into existence). I’m sure you’re thinking that that sentence is wrong, that butternut squash could only go right; let me…